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Final Fantasy XIV: ‘Heavensward’ and Beyond

I think, by now, many folks – readers and my fellow Geek Smash residents alike – have come to figure out that, for me, gaming is one of my two major loves (anime being the other one). You already know that I am a Nintendo girl through and through. “Legend of Zelda,” “Super Mario Bros.”, “Pokemon”… name a major Nintendo franchise and I have just about played them all.

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What is not known about me is I am also an MMORPGer — that is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Gamer. I have history in “Forsaken World,” “9Dragons” and others with a list too long to name. I added “Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” to my list about a year or so ago, but due to financial restrictions I had to drop the account at the time. I, however, am proud to say that drought has ended and I am now playing “Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward” (on Sargatanas, as Raia Nerune, or Mira Nerune in the Free Company ‘REIGN’ – I mean if any of you readers out there play and see me around).

With my other series, To Live Action, hitting a slight dry spell in terms of recent news and developments (apart from the few articles I still have planned to do), I wanted to start a new article mini-series, dubbed ‘Final Fantasy XIV’: ‘Heavensward’ and Beyond. This will cover some of my adventures through Levels 50 – 60 (the current level cap of the game), my thoughts on the game and mechanics and more. For a little teaser, I wanted to talk about the end game component of “A Realm Reborn” (pre-“Heavensward” content) and the Level 50 transition into “Heavensward.”

The last few mandatory dungeons of “A Realm Reborn” were extremely cut-scene heavy. I mean, like every new section of the dungeon had at least two very in-depth cut-scenes within them. I didn’t like that, because it felt like they were rushing all of the end-game moments into a small amount of space and action.

This was pretty poor writing on the story-telling side of things, if you ask me. Also, the end-game cut-scene (and you will know which one I am talking about if you have played the game) was excessively long and drawn out. I get it, I’m the hero of your realm, for now. I get it, there is a continuing threat.

There is no need for that to be so long and drawn out for content that is truly not “end-game.”

In the level 50 quest lines (something known as early 2.x content), you unlock SEVERAL dungeons and trials (boss only fights). In FF 14, you can do these items via a pre-made party or you can go through what is called the Duty Finder and have a party randomly assembled. I like this idea. I really do. It makes you have to adapt your strategies and communication skills for various group combinations – of which there are several, depending on if it is a 4-person party or an 8-person party. The problem, as seen in the image above, is that the wait times for a party to become full can get a tad ridiculous. I, personally, have waited over an hour just to get into a party. They still need to do some tweaking, almost two years later, for some of these systems to work properly and more efficiently. So if you’re interested in playing, get ready for some wait times.

So, that is the introduction to the short series for the time period of between now and the Season 11 premiere of “Supernatural” (which spoilers – I will be reviewing for you people!).

What do you think? Do you play “Final Fantasy XIV”? What are some of your gripes or likes about it? Do you want to hear about my dungeon crawling adventures? Or what about my struggle in the primal fights, where I not only fight a primal, but my graphics card as well? Let me know in the comments section below!

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This entry is posted on August 28 ,2015